Our Mission

Intervening at the intersection of poverty and the legal system so that everyone facing a legal issue can access the justice sector resources and services they need.

Our Vision

A community where each person has the knowledge, resources and capability to understand and address their legal issues, and the legal system does not contribute to or perpetuate poverty.

Our Theory of Change

When Albertans have the knowledge, resources and capability to understand and address their legal issues and the justice sector is accessible and coordinated, then the legal system will not contribute to or cause poverty.

Our Background

The Justice Sector Constellation is a collective impact initiative that brings together justice sector administration, service providers and stakeholders to address systemic issues within the justice sector; issues beyond the mandate and capacity of any one organization to address. The Constellation focuses on improving access to justice sector resources and services; improving coordination of services within the justice sector; and helping Albertans understand and address their legal issues.

The Constellation was formed in 2012 to provide a justice-sector perspective to the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative, to inform a poverty-reduction strategy for Calgary. Over 90 percent of the recommendations developed by the Constellation had previously been made in other reports regarding the legal system and the justice sector. So, the Constellation members agreed to continue to work together on implementing the Constellation’s recommendations. This work has been ongoing since April 2013.