Legal Advice versus Legal Information

Some legal service providers provide legal information, but only lawyers are authorized to provide legal advice. The purpose of this project is to educate justice sector service providers on the distinction between legal advice and legal information, to encourage them to provide as much legal information as possible. Please contact the Constellation for information regarding this training. 

Form Literacy

Many legal processes involve completing forms which can be complicated and difficult to understand. This project aims to make legal forms easier to find and understand, and make support for filling out legal forms more accessible. 


People may be able to identify their legal issue, but do not know what to do about it. Many are not aware of available resources and services. In this project, the Constellation worked with existing databases to, develop a comprehensive database of justice sector service providers and services and develop a directory of justice sector services, to make it easier for the public and service providers to find relevant justice sector services. See 211-Legal

Courthouse Greeters and Courthouse Mapping

The Constellation conducted a needs assessment to determine whether people coming to the Calgary Courts Centre were able to find the location of their court appearance or other services available. The report identified ways to facilitate navigation of the Calgary Courts Center by members of the public, which were subsequently implemented.

Courthouse Greeters and Mapping Project Needs Assessment