Post-Release Issues Project

Individuals in custody or serving time must, with limited support and useful resources, overcome many boundaries to re-integrate into the community after their release from custody. The purpose of this project is to identify available resources and current practices on release from custody to identify gaps and opportunities and develop recommendations for action.

Child Support Resources and Parenting/Contact Time Client Journey Maps

Childminding Project

A lack of available childminding services may be a barrier to access to justice. Following up on a needs assessment regarding the childminding needs of Calgarians visiting the Calgary Courts Centre work was done to identify available childcare options for Calgarians visiting the Calgary Courts Center and make recommendations to fill gaps. 

Child-minding Options at the Calgary Courts Centre Feasibility Study

Child-minding Resource

Child-minding at the Calgary Courts Centre

Justice Sector Service Coordination Project

The Constellation commissioned research to identify barriers to the coordination of justice sector services and develop recommendations to address the barriers identified. The recommendations have informed other Constellation projects. 

Justice Sector Services Coordination for the Socio-Legally Disadvantaged – Executive Summary

Justice Sector Services Coordination for the Socio-Legally Disadvantaged – Summary Report

By-laws Project

The Constellation commissioned legal and social science research to provide an evidentiary and analytical basis for the reconsideration of by-laws and policies that have a disproportionate impact on people living in poverty

Re-Imagining Transit Tickets: A Report for the Justice Sector Constellation on Calgary’s Transit Bylaw

An Exploration of the Impact of Bylaw Enforcement Practices in the City of Calgary

The Charter Implications of Bylaw Enforcement on People with Low Incomes in Alberta